Senior Frontend Engineer

Senior Frontend Engineer

Who we are

We are a team of Engineers who build SaaS software to help e-commerce retailers create and deliver great content experiences for their customers. Over 100 major e-commerce sites rely on our work, sending more than 1 billion API calls a day.

We have a multi talented team comprising frontend engineers, backend engineers and devops engineers. We rely on each other's expertise to solve the problems we are given. Most things we build have full stack implications, often involve unfamiliar technologies and require us to think creatively.

Finally, we like to be an active member of our tech community too. We founded and run a tech meetup in Middlesbrough called NE-Dev ( and we have some open source projects.


Our systems are cloud native, we make extensive use of Amazon Web Services, allowing us to build better, reliable, scalable software.

Backend systems are mostly Java using lightweight frameworks like JAX-RS. We combine this with a range of supporting technologies including Cassandra, Solr Cloud, Hadoop and many AWS managed services.

Frontend is mostly single page applications, built using AngularJS and modern build processes like Gulp and Sass. We also maintain an open source library of frontend components for our customers to use.

All of this is managed and deployed by devops using technologies like Cloudformation and Puppet.

What we're looking for

We are looking for a Sr Frontend web engineer to join our growing team. Day to day you will build and style modern single page applications. We would particularly love you to apply if some of the statements below describe you.

  • You have a very strong understanding of Javascript and its quirks
  • You start a new project by configuring a modern build process (Gulp / Grunt / Sass / Less)
  • You have built web apps using frameworks like AngularJS, Ember.js, React or similar frameworks
  • You have built tools or services using Node.js
  • You have experience mentoring and directing less senior engineers
  • You are principled about technology and have opinions about programming and tools
  • You believe automated testing is important and that code should be well tested
  • You have experience with specific technologies in our stack


This role is located in our Middlesbrough office in the digital hub "Digital City". You can read more about us on our stack overflow careers page and our website.