Developer Advocate

Job Purpose


  • Be the "voice" of the developer (external developers using Amplience APIs, as well as other partners and integrators) representing their interests within Amplience. Gather feedback from developers on a frequent basis.
  • Act as a key contact to make sure that developers have everything they need to build solutions with the product, including documentation, tools, sample code and training.
  • Influence product direction by helping to ensure that developer requirements are taken into account when new features are planned or bugs are prioritised.
  • Build an active developer community through which developers will recommend the product to others and have an interest in its success.
  • Work with other teams within Amplience to ensure that common developer issues are captured and addressed with documentation and other material. This may also involve raising requests for product enhancements to address common problems.
  • Monitor key developments in the tech industry that may influence future product direction or developer requirements.
  • Organise and present at developer events. This may also include online events such as webinars.

    For Amplience, this role also includes the functions of a technical writer:
  • Develop and maintain technical and user documentation for all products and services built and supported by the development team.
  • Ensure documentation is easily searchable, navigable and traversable.
  • Ensure that documentation is presented in the most appropriate and effective manner based on developer feedback.
  • Create documentation that can be used for videos, presentations and training.
  • Work with other teams to make sure that new features and changes to the product are communicated to developers on a timely basis.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience


  • Agile:
    • Strong understanding of the agile methodology
    • Strong experience of working within an agile organisation & team
  • Tools:
    • Strong experience of using agile tools (e.g. JIRA) to document stories, plan, estimate and report on progress
    • Good experience using analytical tools (e.g. Google Analytics) to build reports, identify anomalies and test hypotheses
  • Technology Experience:
    • Strong understanding of technical design, development, and deployment of highly scalable web based systems
    • Strong understanding of Cloud (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS) technologies
    • Understanding of large global platforms such as CMS, DAM, ERP, CRM
    • Understanding of eCommerce platforms e.g. Hybris, IBM WebSphere, Oracle ATG, DemandWare
    • Solid understanding of popular Open Source platforms, frameworks and components such a, Cassandra, Solr, NodeJS, AngularJS
    • Deep understanding of architectures that support mobile web applications including responsive design and hybrid models for native device applications
    • Extensive knowledge in the areas of custom software development, Object Orientated Design Patterns; Web Services, middleware and messaging technologies
    • Knowledge of coding languages including JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Java, PHP
  • Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Software Engineering, or other relevant subject area or equivalent proven industry experience.



  • Organisation: highly organised, able to absorb information quickly, analytical, thorough and with an eye for detail.
  • Communication: a flair for turning technical subject matter into easily understood text that is presented effectively online. Clear and concise writing style.
  • Management: principled but pragmatic approach to decision making.
  • Personal qualities: a team player with high energy, postive attitude and an enthusiasm for acquiring new knowledge and learning about new industry developments.